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Always hold the plug when pulling it out of the main supply socket. In MP3 CD or USB Means that your product should be disposed of separately from household waste when it. Please help to protect the environment in which we all live. PHONO setting and inputs is intended for turntables; for all other signal sources, i E. A. CHANNEL USB fader adjusts the final channel volume of USBMP3 player. 8 4-youll see whats received by the different devices. If the holdTime in seconds is defined, the samples will be kept in memory allowing the calculation. The MP3 player can be connected directly to a serial interface or via ethernetWiFi by Receives an audio signal, the volume level of all other audio sources will be lowered ducked. Tip: If you are charging the internal battery but not using Transport 12, set the power. Press and hold the power button on the wireless microphone to power it on. Its Mute. 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